The WaferPro family of products offers DC, pulse and pulse reverse models with a wide range of available outputs.

Output voltage : Standard models up to 40V
Output current : Standard models up to 60A

Standard units are configured to provide 1, 2 or 4 independently controllable outputs. To further enhance the flexibility of the product line, multiple-output units can be configured in any arrangement of stations and cells for your particular application.

Need more power? No problem. Units can be configured in Master/Slave mode as necessary to meet higher power requirements.

Just as your ability to respond rapidly to ever-changing market influences is critical, Wafer Power has designed our products with minimal rise/fall times, response time to programming input changes (latency) and unrestricted forward/reverse ratios. The WaferPro Series maximizes process capability and, more importantly, control.

At WAFER POWER all products are customizable upon request!! Contact us for more information at info@waferpower.com

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